Days 3-5 in Trinidad

16 Aug

They past few days have held some really good times here in Trinidad. Our team is meshing well and we are really beginning to do the work that we set out to do.

Today will be our third day of VBS. On the first day, we had about 15 kids, then 30 the next. These things can grow significantly as the days go on. It has been really cool watching all these kids eagerly learning about Jesus. Our theme for the week is HOW HE LOVES US. Instead of just telling the kids “Jesus Loves You”, we are trying to help them see all the specific ways in which he loves us. As the number of kids coming to VBS grows, so to does the amount of adults peeking their heads in to see what the commotion is all about.

On Sunday evening, Aaron, Ashley, Caleb and I all had the opportunity to lead worship at the TTUM church service. From the get go, they informed us that we were to do no less than 6 songs! The culture here allows for entering the presence of the Lord without the restraints of time. People weren’t looking at their watches waiting for worship to be over, the were soaking in the things of the Lord and allowing Him to minister to them in His time… How cool.

Yesterday, after VBS was over, we went to an orphanage. There were a good number of older kids at this orphanage. Several of them though that Sabian Lippard looked like Justin Beber, so that was interesting :o)

As we move through the week, I am praying for more opportunities to serve the people of Trinidad and show them Jesus in a tangible way. I am expecting God to open doors to speak into the hears of those that are lost, hurting and in need of a savior.

THANK you for all your prayers thus far… THEY ARE WORKING!!! Our team is healthy. We are trying to step into the things that Lord wants of us. It is a very sweet thing to witness.


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