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Guatemala Update

This always seems to happen.  We get rolling on the trip and I run out of day before I can get to posting to the blog.  So here is a brief update to bring you up to speed.  The last few days have been filled with tons of opportunity for ministry here in Guatemala.  We had a really neat Ask The Lord day.  You can watch this short video made by the church that we are leading: (CLICK THIS LINK TO WATCH:  Ask the Lord Video )

Today we took 80 baskets of urgent need items to families affected by the recent mudslides.  We hiked pretty far up this mountaint to visit this one family.  The destruction of the storm was pretty intense, but the resolve the people to stay positive and rebuild greatly affected me and the entire team.

Tomorrow should be really fun.  It is our one day off.  We will be going on a 8 run zip line in a government owned nature reserve.  After that we will head across the lake and go shopping for the afternoon.

Thank you for your prayers!

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Guatemala – Day 4

Wow.  What a really cool day.  After a horrible night for me personally last night (I was very sick all night), I was questioning whether I was cut out for this type of thing anymore…  The Lord showed up in spectacular fashion tonight and reminded why he has led me to this type of ministry.

Unfortunately, I can’t get into the details, but here are some of the highlights:

  • We had a very good day working at an orphanage with some kids and helping to build a community garden
  • After some really cool direction from the Lord to several people we saw 5 teenagers get saved tonight.  Totally awesome.
  • I did my first teaching on listening prayer and the Lord showed himself in one of the most amazing ways I have seen to date.

Thank you for your continued prayers.  My stomach is still boderline.  Pray for good sleep, health and direction as we move forward.

God is good.



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Guatemala – Day 3

Lake Atitlan - Panajachel, Guatemala - This is the lake as seen from the terrace of our hotel.

It is a beautiful day in Guatemala.  It is warm (like mid 70’s) with a nice cool breeze.  I was up at 5:30AM to get an early start to the day.  After some sweet quite time, I headed on my first solo venture since I arrived (yep, that means no translator).  After checking in with my american contacts at the orphanage we will be visiting, I headed up the mountain to check out the place for myself.  The road that goes to San Andres (where the orphanage is) was destroyed during the recent storm.  So you have to drive half way there (about 1/2 hour), cross this washed out bridge on foot and the get in another vehicle (a pickup truck with 20 other people who don’t speak english) and go the rest of the way.  Bringing 46 people on this journey will be awesome :o)

The tourism of Panachel will present a unique challenge to one of our primary goals on this trip.  The place we are staying at (as you can see from the picture) is beautiful.  As you walk through downtown Pana you see americans all over the place.  In fact, I have seen over 20 americans in the last half hour alone come into the cafe that I am sitting in (one family used to live in Portage – how crazy).  Anyway, the result of all this is that you get this false sense that things are better than they really are.  It looks more like some of the ports of call Amy and I have visited on one of our cruised more than it does an impoverished nation.  Our team is praying that the Lord will help us to break through these things and see into the hearts of the people.  We want to be perceptive to their TRUE needs and respond in a way that honors Jesus.

Thank you for all your prayers thus far.  As we continue, please PRAY:

  1. For safe travels as our group arrives tonight.
  2. For relationships and chemistry between leaders to be conducive to effective ministry.
  3. For healthy bodies…  Give us wisdom on what to eat and what not to eat and protect our bodies from all illness.
  4. For the ministry opportunities to manifest themselves.  Some things are still very unclear.

Thank you all!



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Day 1 and 2 Guatemala Update

Day 1

So, day one was possibly the most interesting day of any mission trip I have ever been on.  A lapse in judgement on my part almost caused us to miss our first plane.  A weather storm caused us to have a ridiculously close layover for our second flight.  But those were the most flawless transactions of the day.  We arrived safely in Guatemala city on time at 10:45am local time.  Flash forward to 3:oopm.  We have now been waiting for our contact to pick us up at the airport.  He was supposed to be picking up the rental car from Thrifty.  Now when you think of Thrifty, you must understand the Guatemalan Thrifty is nothing like USA Thrifty.  Sure, they have the same logo and sign but the similarities end there!  So, we called up to Thrifty from the airport.  The assured us that “Gary”, our American AIM contact was there picking up our car and would be done shortly.   After being told that for almost an hour, we decided to go and look into ourself.  Apparently, all Americans look like a “Gary”.  Turns out Gary’s flight was delayed with no arrival time in sight.  So the 4 of us.  Me, Stella, Bill and our worsip leader Bryan, rented our own car and decided to make our way to Panajachel on our own.  This drive from Guatemala City to Panajachel will be one that goes down in infamy.  It was hands down the scaries/most fun drives I have ever been a part of in my life.  There is so much to say here, but to sum it up, we made the 3.5 hour trip in about 2 hours and 40 minutes.  I could go on… But I won’t.

After safely arrive at our Hotel, we found out that it was rented out to another group for the week.  How nice.  We did get to stay there for the night…

This is what I am learning.  1 – God always wants us to rely on Him. 2 – When we do this, we will have NOTHING to fear and our lives WILL be abuntant in provision, blessings and FUN!!!

Day 2

Through the provision of the Lord, I made a contact with an American Missionary in Panajachel named Lloyd Monroe.  He has an awesome ministry right downtown Panajachel.  Today, he has helped us to arrange lodging, meals, transportation and most everything for our needs on ths Trip.  Now, Stella and I will go and meet with the Pastor of the local church, the orphanage people and get all the ministry details into place.


  1. All the remaining details to get worked out.  There is still a lot about the ministry times that is up in the air.  We want to have a good plan that is in line with God’s will that provides for a life change experience for all involved.
  2. Safety for our group arriving on Monday and all our travels in the mean time.
  3. For flexibility.  This trip has already taught us that we will need to be extremly flexible.  The last thing we need are bad attitudes getting in the way of The Spirit of God directing us.



-j (and bill, stella, bryan, and a bunch of other people)


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