An Absolutely Awesome Day

29 Aug

God is good – ALL the TIME.  Today was ATL day (Ask The Lord)  We set aside all morning to do whatever people felt the Holy Spirit leading them to do.  I have done this on every mission trip I have led and been blessed the most by this day on every trip – this was NO exception.  I don’t have time to get into all the details, but here are some bullets:

  1. One team went into the mountains and followed their promptings to do more for a family that we met earlier in the week.
  2. One team stayed at the Casa D’ Oracion and followed their promptings to minister to the team of people that made our trip possible.
  3. Another Team went to two Mayan-Catholic Churches and ministered to some people in the city.  We even saw some people accept Jesus as Lord. PTL!!!!!!

NOW, we are back in Guatemala City staying at the Marriot again (I know – real tough life!).  We will get up tomorrow morning at 5 am and head to the airport.

Some personal thoughts…

This trip was so much different from anything I ever expected.  It was so much different from any trip I have ever been a part of.  The accommodations were SO nice, the ministry pretty much went out without a hitch, yet some of the cornerstones – like one on one evangelism seemed far off.  I knew that most of our focus would be construction (this wasn’t new to me).  What I wasn’t prepared for was the resistance to the message of Christ displayed by SO many of the people.  This is why:  All the places I have been before, many other missionaries had come before us, planting the seeds, tilling the land, watering the ground.  In some instances it must have taken years to get a large crop of souls.  The place in Guatemala that we did ministry at is one that has had almost no consistent Christian missionary influence for any significant amount of time (even pray america has only been here for 5 years).  As a result, we are now the people plowing the ground, planting the seed and watering the soil.

Ron Morin, founder of Pray America, shared that when they first came into Chichicastenango, the locals had just been through over 30 years of war and rumors spread that Pray America was feeding their kids so they could make them fat and turn them into soap!  Yeah!  So, our primary objective while we have been here has been to represent Christ as a loving influence in the lives of these people.  Another interesting fact – MOST of the people that we ministered to didn’t even speak Spanish, they spoke their native Keche (sp?).  We found out today that until now (actually in about 2 months) the bible had yet to be translated into Keche.  This is in the process of being completed now and over 70,000 copies of the keche bible will be delivered to Chichi in about 2-3 months.  It is so awesome to me to be a part of this ground level ministry for the kingdom.

It feels late, and I am not even sure what I just wrote made total sense… Anyway, here are a couple prayer requests.


  1. About 6 people (including me) are fighting a pretty nasty throught and sinus thing.  We have prayed for one another for healing, but could use some more prayer support.  I felt like I was about to pass out tonight, but everthing is feeling better now – please pray that this goes away from everyone!
  2. Flight Safety/Timelines – I see that there is some nasty stuff heading for Florida right now.  Interesting that we flew through Florida on the way down and Texas on the way back!  Pray that the Lord keeps us safe and on time.

There are some really awesome things that happened amongst the team, but I don’t want to “steal anyone’s fire” be sure to ask your family/loved ones what happened with the team on the last night!!!


-justin (and the team)

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