Another day of ministry – God is good!

27 Aug
Helping at one of the Feeding Programs

Helping at one of the Feeding Programs

Yesterday, we spent our second day of ministry building another widow’s house.  It was a great day where we saw the hand of the Lord in many ways.  This house was built in almost half the time as our first one ( about 3 hours in total).  This left us with a significant amount of time to spend with the family that was going to receive the house.

When the widow that recieved the house saw it for the first time, she began to weep uncontrollably.  Pray America had found her through one of their feeding programs and she already knew Jesus as her Lord.  When she thanked us for the house she said a couple of really interesting things.  First she said that in Guatemala nobody helps each other and the she knew that it cost us a lot of money to come so far just to help her.  She said that this would not just be a place that she lived, but rather a house of prayer.  She comitted to praying for us, our families and the ministry of Pray America.  It was really touching.

In the afternoon, we headed out to another of Pray America’s feeding programs (their first one).  After helping out at the feed program, we headed back to the Casa De Oracion for dinner.  After dinner, Ron Morin (the founder of Pray America) shared his personal testimony with the group.  It was so incredibly moving that the team is still talking about it today.


  1. I feel like God still has some business to do with some of us while we are here.  Pray that we would ALL discover God’s individual purpose for our being here in Guatemala.
  2. Pray for OPPOPRTUNITIES to share JESUS and the BOLDNESS to be faithful to his call.



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