Freed to Believe!

11 Jun

Dirty HanedsDirty HanedsDirty HanedsDirty HanedsI have been kind of soaking, going over and over Galatians 2-4 in my devotion time and in my mind outside of devotion time.  There is just something about these passages on faith that is really speaking to me right now.  It is almost like they have been hidden from me all these years.  I have read and understood what these passages say in condemnation of legalism and the futility of law keeping, but have seemingly missed the other half of what is being said.  Listen to this phrase:  “He [Abraham] believed God, and that act of belief was turned into a life that was right with God.”

 I know I quoted that passage a couple days ago, but I think it is work repeating.  Sure, legalism is futile thinking – that we can keep laws as a path to God, but what is the real answer then?  A life of active faith where beliefs translate into faith filled actions.  These actions of faith produce a harvest of a life that is right with God.  I know that I am not saying as well as Paul did, but I truly am encouraged by these texts.  God is desiring a deeper relationship with us than we realize.  But his pathway towards this relationship is found in faith not in rule keeping.  Please read this passage today and ask the Lord to reveal what step of faith he is calling you to today!

be blessed

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Posted by on June 11, 2007 in Devotional Thoughts


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