An Exciting Announcement…

08 Jun


We have an exciting announcement…  Okay, it’s exciting to me and Amy, so I won’t be presumptuous about what level of excitement it will bring you.  Many of you already know that the Lord led Amy and I to Kalamazoo Valley Family Church in Kalamazoo, MI about a month or so ago.  I was asked to serve as the Director of Assimilation Ministries.  My job in Assimilation is basically focused on helping people go from the visitor/new believer to the “plugged in”, empowered Christian.

Well, this past Tuesday the Senior Pastors (Jeff and Beth) called me into their office for a “special meeting”.  I thought that they were calling me in to ask if I could go full time sooner than originally planned.  The real reason that they called me in was to invite me to serve on the Executive Leadership Team as an Associate Pastor.  The Lord had already been prompting me that something like this might happen, so I accepted.  In my new position, I will be overseeing Assimilation, Information Technologies, Web Departments for KVFC and Valley Press Publishers and Fellowship One Administration.  I am very excited about this new position and opportunity.  Amy and I are truly blessed.  PRAISE THE LORD!!!!

For our prayers out there…  Please keep praying that our house in Marshall would sell quickly.  The driving back and forth to KZOO 6 times a week gets old fast!  Thank you for all your prayers!

pastorj & amy


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2 responses to “An Exciting Announcement…

  1. Dad

    June 8, 2007 at 2:06 pm

    congragulations Son. Love Dad

  2. Becca

    June 8, 2007 at 7:46 pm

    That is great. You must be excited.


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