Love Can Be Tough…

23 May

HeartAnyone who thinks that true love in Christ is always flowery, joyful and filled with happiness has obviously never read 2 Corinthians 11:1-15  I was taken aback by Paul’s outright criticism of the personal handling he received from the church in Corinth.  It reminded me of some thoughts I have had on this subject in the past.  It seems that much of what the church is preaching when it pertains to love today, is quite watered down from what I read in scripture…

Let me say it this way.  If we truly love one another, occasionally we are going to have to speak a tough word of rebuke or correction.  I know that you all know this, but love is NOT an emotion.  It is not a feeling to fall into and out of.  It is an action.  It is a decision.  When you choose to love someone, you are taking on a mantle of responsibility, not emotion.  You are saying, I am going to value this person, care for them and look out for their best interest.  And sometimes that means warning them of the traps they are either about to walk into or already standing in…

But be careful!  I have also seen this abused and not done in a Christ-like way.  In fact, one could easily use “tough love” as an excuse to be overly critical or speak into things that God never asked them to speak into.  Tough love is not an excuse for us to be the Holy Spirit in one another’s lives!  So how do we tell the difference?  The only way to love like Christ is to have the mind of Christ.  We have to seek after HIS wisdom in these things.  Don’t speak too hastily, but don’t be so afraid that you never speak…

be blessed

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