Keeping our convictions ours…

31 Mar

Today I was reading in 1 Corinthians from chapters 7 & 8.  It really touched a nerve with me.  I believe one of the most destructive forces in the church today is that which wants to push our personal convictions onto others.  I rarely attend a church service, a bible study or a cell group where I don’t find Christians trying to thrust their personal convictions (not biblical mandates) on others.  At the very core, it is simply heartbreaking.  Christ died to bring mercy and grace into a world wrought with condemnation.  And what do we Christians do?  We resurrect condemnation from the dead and try to pass it off to anyone who will  receive it.  We create rules about what we can wear, say, drink and how we should act.  And it all comes from a point of seeming righteousness.  After all, we did receive these convictions from the Lord, but we forget that we received them for ourselves, not for everyone we come in contact with.  Yet we allow these personal convictions to turn into legalism and condemnation.  And we don’t even have to say one word for this to come to pass.  All we need to do is allow judgements to form in our hearts about others and BAM – the enemy has a foothold.

So my encouragement for you all today is this:  First – Seek the Lord for His will for Your life and when he reveals those things in which he has called you to, walk in them!  Then – Allow others the same freedom.  They will seek after the same Lord and He may not call them to the same things that He has called you to.  So let us not sit in judgement of one another, especially when the Lord isn’t sitting in judgement.

be blessed

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Posted by on March 31, 2007 in Devotional Thoughts


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