A Quick Saga… But Arrived Safe and Blessed

30 Mar

Okay, first I have to start by telling you of my interesting car saga.  I so wanted to be able to take the Cadillac on our trip down to Mississippi.  I mean, who wouldn’t?  It is big, comfortable, rides nice and believe it or not, not too bad on the gas.  But, alas, there have been a couple issues with the car of late that would make it a pain in the rear to take on the trip.  There was this weird thumping coming out of the front end and the power driver’s seat kept blowing a fuse (so it would be stuck in Amy’s position OR my position).  So I took it in before I headed down to Mexico a couple weeks back.  They fixed the thumping (some bad stabilizing rods – yeah, I don’t know what they are either) and they said that they fixed the seat (some corrosion on the connectors), but that they noticed some problems with the front breaks and we should think about re-doing the entire front end breaks.  I though, no problem, I have done that before.  So, I went ahead and re-did the breaks.  New rotors, new pads – went perfectly.  Only one problem, the shaking didn’t go away.  So I took it in to have the tires balanced and rotated.  This is when I found out that the tires were bad – at first I was sure I was getting hosed, but upon inspection they did need to be replaced.  I won’t even dare to keep a running total of how much this is all costing me.  Okay, now I have new tires, new brakes – the world is right.  Wrong.  So I replaced the front rotors, AGAIN, but alas, the shaking is still there.  Granted it is only like 10% of what it used to be so I am just dealing with it until I return.  But that isn’t the real saga…

 The real saga is this.  The drivers seat continued to malfunction.  It would work for a day, then blow a fuse – on and on ad nausea.  I took it in again and they said they would have to tear everything apart to fix it.  I thought, no problem – I’ll just bring a big pack of fuses and switch them as they blow.  So the night before we were to leave on this trip, I took my big box of fuses out to the garage and plugged one it.  I went to move the seat to Amy’s position and BAM it blew in-between positions.  Now I was in a predicimate.  Neither of us could drive the car as the seat was position.  I put in another fuse hoping to just get it where one of us could drive.  But with no avail.  Fuse after fuse blew up before my eyes.  Then I had a brilliant idea – a bigger fuse.  I got the biggest fuse I could find.  I put it in and it DIDN’T blow!!!  I ran up to the front to move the seat and it was at about that time that I saw smoke billowing from the car.  I ran in the house screaming for a fire extinguisher.  I got one and put out the fire (what a mess!), but as far as I could tell there was no major damage done.

At this point I realized that I needed major help (I know, what took me so long?).  I called Amy’s dad and he rushed home to help with the emergency.  We pulled the car into his garage and proceeded to disassemble the entire interior in the rear of the car – seats and everything came out, one by one as we assessed the damage.  After about 7 hours of these, we found the problem, rewired the entire mechanism and now it works perfectly!  I must confess, I was heartbroken when I caught MSRoom1Amy’s Cadillac on fire.  But it turned out to be a blessing, we were able to fix what the shop was unable to.  Unfortunately, Amy ended up having to get the house ready and us packed all by herself (with some help from her Mom).  Anyway, it was a good ending to a rocky day.

Now we have been on the road for two wonderful days.  We have arrived at Gates Avenue Baptist Church safe and sound.  Amy has done a great job at transforming some play room into home away from home for us.  The only bad thing are these terrible fluorescent lights.  So I improvised a room light with a lite-brite I found (see the picture).  We have wireless internet from somewhere (not quite sure where it is coming from) and all is well with the world.  Please pray for Amy and I as we prepare to lead the participants into worship this week.

be blessed
-pastorj and amy


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3 responses to “A Quick Saga… But Arrived Safe and Blessed

  1. pat

    March 31, 2007 at 8:05 am

    wow, what a story! maybe you could write a book about how god helped you through all of your Cadillac’s repairs and what he taught you thru them.

  2. pastorjustin

    March 31, 2007 at 9:47 am

    Probably… It could be called the “Limits of Luxury” or something.


  3. Stella

    March 31, 2007 at 12:40 pm

    Okay, I totally dig your Lite Brite light idea. That rocks! 🙂

    Have a great week ministering down there. I hope Amy and you enjoy it immensely. 😀

    Hey, what day are you two coming back up to the Mitten? I finally have gotten to the bank and have a check for you for the airline tickets…


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