Love the government as you love yourself!

03 Mar

Okay, before you think I have totally gone mad, you better read what I have been reading today (Romans 13 – Click Here).  Most of us are very familiar with the verse that says “Love your neighbor as yourself“…  But did you ever pay attention to where Paul puts this in Romans 13.  It is right in the midst of him talking about respecting and honoring the authorities given to us in government – Let’s take a look:

 I like how the message states part of verse one, “Insofar as there is peace and order, it’s God’s order“.  Whatever you may think about our government – you must realize that we live in a country of peace and order.  If you don’t believe me, you need to get out more.  Just turn on the television and see the unrest that is raging in the world around us.  And although we live in a country filled with a blessed peace and order, many Christians (including myself at times) have little to no respect for the government the Lord has given us…

As the Road Chaplin for the Calhoun County Sheriff’s Department I have had the opportunity to witness this first hand.  Sure, we respect and honor the police and the government when they act in a manner which we deem acceptable.  But step outside of that realm and Christians are just as critical (if not more) as the next guy.  Come on my brothers and sisters! God has called us to so much more…  Even the world can honor and respect government when the agree with them – it takes the character of Jesus to love and respect when we disagree!  Whether you like it or not, GOD himself has placed these people in authority over us.  We must honor them, respect them, show them the love of Jesus – and pray for them far more than we currently do.  The men and women of law enforcement literally risk their own lives so that we can live in peace…  The men and women in government have incredibly difficult decisions to make – and I guarantee you this, they need our prayers far more than they need our criticism.

So remember this the next time those lights start flashing in your rear view mirror or the next time a senator or even a president gets elected that you don’t particularly like.  These people have an authority given to them by the Lord himself…  Bless them for doing their jobs and pray for them as much as you can…

 Lord Jesus, forgive us.  We judge when you have called us to love and bless one another.  I want lift up every person in law enforcement that gives of themselves and risks their lives so that I can experience peace and order.  May you bless them for their sacrifice and may you give them boldness, courage and direction as the fulfill this call on their lives.  I particularly pray for the men and women that serve on the Calhoun County Sheriff’s Department.  Will you use them in a special way in this region – for those who don’t you as Lord, please draw them near – for those that do, please help them to honor you in every area of their lives.  Lord, thank you also for EVERY member of the government you have over us.  Please help them to make the decisions that would honor you most and bring your will into full fruition.  We thank you for this country that you have allowed us to live in.  Help none of us to forget these nor the hands from which they came.  I pray this in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ…

be blessed


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Posted by on March 3, 2007 in Devotional Thoughts


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