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A Must Read Book…

The Emotionally Health ChurchOkay, now I rarely ever recommed books, but there is a book that I am reading right now that every christian should read.  It is called, “The Emotionally Healthy Church” by Peter Scazzero.  Peter Scazzero is the pastor of a somewhat large multi-national, multi-racial church in Queens, New York.  Through some difficult personal, ministry and interpersonal ordeals the Lord did some amazing business with him in regards to his emotional world.  In this book, Pastor Scazerro illuminates how the church seems to continually supress the emotional side of our life while subsequently trying to “go deeper” in the spiritual realm.  As a result we end up with a faux spirituality that serves as thin veneer over our fragil and sometimes explosive emotional worlds.  He reminds us that God made us “human beings” not “human doings”.  This book has really come into my life during time of intense adjustment from the Lord into all areas my emotional world.  He is using it to remind me that it is okay to have emotions…  That means that is okay to be happy, sad, frustrated, etc.  But if we don’t address those emotions in a way that really incorporates the whole of who we are, we will eventually fall prey to those very same emotions – They will eventually cave in on you, and along with them your entire spiritual AND emotional world.  Our entire leadership @ FWCF is reading this book right now.  I believe that every Christian would benefit tremendously by reading this book.  If you click the book cover (above right), it will take you to the Amazon website where you can read an excerpt from the book and buy it if you choose.  Be blessed…


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Off to Mexico…

Mexico Mission 2006Can you believe it?  The 2007 Missions season has begun! I will be heading down to the Adventures in Missions Base Camp in Matamoros Mexico in just a couple weeks to serve on a Spring Break Mission trip.  I am pretty excited about this trip because I will be worship leading on the trip instead of my typical Project Leading.  What does that mean?  A lot less work and a lot more fun!!!  Anyway, this is still serious business.  We want to really find God’s will and walk right in the middle of it.  Please pray for me and all the participants.  Remember – these trips change people’s lives.  I’ll keep updating as we are down there!!


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A New Site – A new Day!!!

 First of all, welcome to the new website.  I hope that you like it!  Well, I have been wanting to get back into regular journaling and blogging for some time now, but it has been difficult to maintain a regular schedule.  There are have been so many things that I have wanted to do with my blog, but was unable because I was doing all the programming and setup for each individual component myself.  Finally, I broke down and decided to use an outside blogging service.  I think that I will be very happy.  Please post some comments and let me know what you think about the new site!


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